Please note that the background image used on this page, was drawn during a `RAZ interview, which took place somewhere around the year `92 or `93.

This image itself, is used as part of the artwork for the book The Vortex... Although it should be pointed out, that the original drawing was in fact, Blue on a White background - Whilst the smudges or rather faces, are actually my fingerprints. 

My basic details are on the chart below...




Name: Violet Sylvia Wheeler (Alias Blissett/Livingstone)

Nick name: Dragon/Pink Panther.

Date Of Birth: 20/01/`64.

Star signs - Capricorn/goat - Aquarius/Water Carrier. (Born on the Cusp).

Ruling planets- Saturn/Uranus (Harvest/Heavens).

Elements: Earth/Air (birthstone Onyx)

Chinese Astrology - Rabbit /Cat (Water -) Dragon/Fly (Wood +)

Hair colour - Blond. Eyes - Blue.

Height - 1.63 (5.4)Thin build. Asthmatic. Hypoallergenic/Hyperactive. Boarder-line Gluten Intolerance.

Family Origins - Pershore, by the Seventh River. I was born in Worcester (family from Wales/Ireland/Scotland). Descendants linking to the Royal Family. Re: the Livingstone Crest.

Ex. Employer - The Queen's Royal Mail (Male). I left the Royal Mail because I was very, very ill with T.B. Note: My previous Job description which was that of a Postman, was covered by the Official Secrets Act 1989. 

ID No: PWMN 5420-9. ID Cards: 299 and 1023. Badge no: 795.

I've also worked on farms (Sheep/Pigs), factors (making everything from Petrol Cans, to Adults Nappies), and I've also worked in different Warehouses where I was a Picker and Packer. And now I'm back to being a House-Wife and Mother, and I work part-time in a school as part of the catering team (cleaning, some food preparation, and serving cake to the children at lunch time).  Oh and I'm a Writer of Books...